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NASD PLC is the promoter of a Trading Network that eases secondary market trading of all securities of unquoted public companies primarily in Nigeria but with a focus on the West African region. Our intention is to stimulate growth by easing the capital raising process. We bring together all stakeholders in capital flows to a common environment where interactions are safe, efficient, transparent and appropriately priced. Operators in our environment include Issuers of equity and fixed income instruments, Institutional and individual investors, a growing pool of accredited Authorised Traders and their Participating Institutions, Settlement banks, Clearing systems, private equity and venture capital firms with a view to increasing liquidity in the unquoted segment of the long term funding market.

The NASD OTC market facilitates transactions through two independent trading platforms:

  1. Leased trading platform: This is a platform recently acquired by the Nigerian Stock Exchange ("NSE") from Nasdaq OMX.This platform allows for multilateral trading and continuous transaction reporting.NASD leased the trading platform from the NSE and all Participating Institutions are given access to trade on this segment of the market. Clearing is provided by the Central Securities Clearing System while settlement is done by six appointed Settlement banks for NASD OTC transactions. 

2. BITS: This is a bi-lateral inter-dealer trading system proprietary to the NASD which allows trades to be conducted and consummated between select Participating Institutions.This web based platform allows brokers to interact from all corners of the world.Originally BITS was used to trade equities in all unquoted public companies, but increasingly it has become a platform for other asset classes.  

Our universe primarily covers the trading of securities in unquoted public companies.We believe that the number of securities that fall into this category will continue to expand. For ease of reference, we have categorised all economic activity into 10 different segments and have placed each security into the appropriate segment. Please see our segmentation of companies covered here.

We hope that through our website and trading platforms investors can
  - Discover undervalued investment opportunities;
  - Monitor the trends of fast rising or specific interest in the securities of unquoted public companies; and
  - Get better liquidity for existing investments.

We welcome you to the NASD OTC market and hope we meet your requirements. Should there be any specific requirement you have that is not met by our website, kindly contact us here

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