How to become a Trading Institution

NASD OTC Securities Exchange offers Trading Institutions the opportunity to connect their clients to exciting investment options on our standardised platform.

Trading institutions are also required to have appropriate clearing and settlement arrangements in place to support their trading activities.  Currently all trades on the NASD OTC are cleared through the CSCS and settled by only 6 OTC settlement banks.  Please click here for a list of the settlement banks.



The process of becoming a Trading Institution on the NASD OTC Securities Exchange is easy and straightforward. Trading Institutions are required to forward duly completed Form 1a and 1b downloadable from this website using this LINK and the necessary fees required for the registration. See details of fees HERE


There are two categories of Trading Institutions on the platform.

Category Trade on behalf of Clients Trade on behalf of itself
Broker/Dealer Yes Yes
Broker Yes No



The entire process should not exceed 4 weeks and the names of Trading Institutions are updated on our website upon conclusion of registration.


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