Cost effectiveOur cost structures are designed to ensure Issuers get access to capital efficiently and enable Investors reap maximum benefits from their business decisions.
Transparency of trade in Unquoted Public Securities We provide trade opportunities for Investors in unquoted public securities without the prerequisite requirement for formal admission by the Issuer. Our transaction records have been compiled and are available to Investors dating back to market inception
Access to capitalWe support limited liability enterprises and public registered companies in their quest for long term capital. Our admission rules require an adequate level of disclosure from Issuer to potential Investors that instills confidence and ultimately, investments.
Increase corporate visibility and brand equityAdmissions on the NASD OTC Securities Exchange grants Issuers access to a deep pool of capital; and increased visibility, credibility and liquidity through media coverage, reviewed performance reports and evaluation reports by NASD and investment analysts.
Increased market value Transparency and compliance with our admission rules increases the credibility accorded to the performance of a Issuer making it seamless for Investors to trade the securities of an Issuer.