Securities of unquoted public companies are admitted on the NASD OTC Securities Exchange –

1) Security Admission
2) Company Admission

Security Admission:
An Admitted Security is introduced by a Participating Institution and admitted to trade on the NASD OTC Market. This channel affords individual Investor’s an opportunity to trade their holdings in public companies.

Investors who have share certificates of public companies not admitted on any other registered Exchange and wishes to trade can introduce the “security for trading” through a Particpating Institution.

A Participating Institution (broker) who wishes to trade a security that is not currently being traded on a registered Exchange, may apply to admit such security to trade..

Please note that where a security is already being traded on the NASD OTC Market, Participating Institutions who wish to trade on that security need not apply again to admit the security to trade.

To admit a new security to trade on the NASD OTC Market: kindly download and complete NASD Form 3

Admission of Companies:
Company Admission to the NASD OTC Securities Exchange implies that a company agrees to adhere to the rules and admission requirements of the NASD OTC Securities Exchange.

Admitted companies are classified into the Blue ,Pink and Red categories depending on their level of compliance with regulatory and NASD PLC reporting requirements.

Issuers/Companies, through a Participating Institution can be admitted to the NASD OTC Securities Exchange by completing - NASD Form 2 - Admitted Companies. Please find admission requirements here and here.