NASD has established a Whistle Blowing policy which provides a secure channel of communication for all stakeholders to report issues of a sensitive nature or wrongdoing to the Board and management of NASD while maintaining the confidentiality of whistle blowers.


Reports can be made verbally or in writing. In order to facilitate the investigation of a report and ensure that the issues are dealt with properly, whistle blowers are encouraged to put the report in writing, provide credible sources and evidence and attach their names to the report. Although reports may be made anonymously, it may be difficult to investigate especially where there is lack of documentary evidence. The Company has a dedicated phone number and email address through which such complaints can be received. These are:

Phone number: 01-4605008 Email address: whistleblowing@nasdng.com



All issues reported will be thoroughly investigated, using all available evidence. The whistle blower may be called upon to provide in strict confidence, any available evidence necessary to confirm all the issues raised in the report. Where the allegations are confirmed, appropriate disciplinary action shall be taken against the identified offender(s).

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