Circular 53 – Notification of strict application of penalties.

Circular 52 – Notification of SEC Circular on the Commencement of Regulatory Fee on Fixed Income (Bonds) Secondary Market Transactions 

Circular 51 – Notification Of Sec’s Guidance on The Implementation Of Sections 60 – 63 Of The Investments And Securities Act, 2007 – Extension Of Compliance Date To December 2023.

Circular 50 – Notification of Publication of New Rules

Circular 49 – Notification of Publication of New Guidelines & Disclosure Requirements

Circular 48 – NASD 2021 Surveillance Priorities

Circular 47 -Submission of Hard Copies of Documents

Circular 46 – Notification of New Rules IPF and Subbroker Rules

Circular 45- Change in Template of Rendition of Returns to NASD OTC

Circular 44 – Extension of deadline for payment of Trade Guarantee Fund

Circular 43 – Administration of Stamp Duties; Increment from 0.075% to 0.08%

Circular 42 – One Time Contribution to the NASD Trade Guarantee Fund 

Circular 41 – Guidance on Compliance with NASD Rules and Regulations

Circular 40 – Extention OF Filing Deadline

Circular 38 – Classification of Proprietary Account

Circular 37 – Notice Of Value Added Tax (VAT) Increment

Circular 36- NASD-2020 Surveillance Priorities

Circular 35 – Contribution to The NASD Trade Guarantee Fund

Circular 34 – Negotiated Deals on NASD OTC Securities Exchange

Circular 33 – Rendition Of Returns To The NASD OTC Securities Exchange.

Circular 32- Expiration of Value Added Tax – July 25, 2019

Circular 31- VWAP Pricing Model

Circular 30A – Affiliation With NASD PLC And Display OF NASD Trading License 

Circular 30 – Affiliation with NASD OTC Securities Exchange

Circular 29 – Disciplinary Actions against Participating Institutions in 2017

Circular 26 – Rendition of Quarterly Reports

Circular 25 – Notification of New Rules and Guidelines of the NASD OTC Securities Exchange

Circular 24 – Introducing Minimum Volume for Price Movement and Reduction of Price Band

Circular 23 – Code Creation For Nigeria Mortgage Refinance Company _NMRC_ Plc

Circular 22 – Technical Suspension of Fumman Agricultural Products Shares

Circular 21- Review and Payment of Annual Fees

Circular 20 Trading of Fumman Agricultural Product Industry PLC

Circular 19 Procedure for Exporting End of Trade Items from NASD Board on X-Gen

Circular 18 Trading of Cappa and Alberto-Modified Procedure

Circular 16 Trading of TrustbondMortgagePLC

Circular 15 Trading of NigerDeltaPLC

Circular 14 Trading of Cappa and Alberto-2

Circular 13- Introducing Daily Price Band on Securities

Circular 12- Code Creation for Acorn Petroleum Plc and Dufil Prima Food Plc

Circular 11- NASD Registration Fees

Circular 10 Procedure for CSCS Website Access to Manage Investors Portfolio

Circular 09 Procedure for Submission of Account Opening File To Cscs

Circular 08 -Trading Of CSCS Shares on NASD Board

Circular 07 – Code Creation for Swap Technologies PLC and BGL Plc

Circular 06 – Market circular- Wamco Corporate Action

Circular 05 – Code Creation for Friesland Campina WAMCO Nigeria Plc and Food Concepts Plc

Circular 04 – NASD transfer form and Authority letter

Circular 03B – SEC and CAC Registered Companies

Circular 03A – SEC Approved Securities

Circular 02 – Market circular – NASD partial dematerialization

Circular 01-Procedure for trading on the live environment of NASD