A category of stocks containing firms that provide financial services to commercial and retail customers. This sector includes banks, investment funds, insurance companies and real estate.


Financial services perform best in low interest rate environments. A large portion of this sector generates revenue from mortgages and loans, which gain value as interest rates drop. Furthermore, when the business cycle is in an upswing, the financial sector benefits from additional investments. Improved economic conditions usually lead to more capital projects and increased personal investing. New projects require financing, which usually leads to a larger number of loans.

Admitted Securities under Financials Industry (16)

Jaiz Bank PlcPartnership Investment Company PlcArm Life Plc (Crystalife Plc)Golden Capital PlcAfriland Properties PlcCentral Securities Clearing System (CSCS) PlcTrustbond Mortgage Bank PlcIndustrial and General Insurance PlcMixta Real Estate Plc Spring Mortgage PlcNigeria Mortgage Refinance Company PlcAG Mortgage BankEnsure Insurance Plc NASD Plc CR (Credit Bureau) PlcLighthouse Financial Services Plc

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