Review Of NASD OTC Securities

NASD has conducted its review of classification of NASD OTC admitted securities into categories that reflect the level of financial disclosure, adherence to corporate governance standards, dematerialisation of shares and liquidity of the 36 securities trading on the OTC Market. At the end of this exercise, Nine (9) Securities were ranked in the Blue Category, Fifteen (15) in the Pink Category, and Eleven (11) were in the Red Category.

We believe that this service will enhance transparency on the inherent value in such companies, improve levels of investor confidence and also, improve activities on the OTC Market.

These are shares of companies with a history of sound financial performance. These companies display a high level of corporate governance by timely disclosure of their financial statements, regular communication with shareholders and meet minimum requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

These are shares of companies that do not comply with the minimum disclosure and reporting requirements of SEC and NASD. Companies in this category may not have current information available to the public.

These are shares of companies that fail to provide NASD with information.

Based on the criteria applied during the review,

  • > 65% Score – NASD BLUE
  • < 65% Score – NASD PINK
  • < 20% Score – NASD RED.

The various performance levels of the securities can be found on